Our history

Since 2011 we deal with the electric bicycle. Year after year, more and more models expanding the palette to satisfy all customer needs. The ZTECH Hungary has grown to become the leaders in the market, thanks to its stable quality and customer friendly our pricing. European context, there are significant results in ZTECH brand.

Represented in 1 countries
1+ models

We offer year-round, multi-thousand pieces inventory. We are proud of our work to support the future development of an environment-friendly nature.

Why choise the ztech products

Environmentally friendly
If you want to protect the environment is the perfect solution by using an electric motor.
30-60km per charge
Our products range are between 30-60 km depending on the model. This is why you do not make this mean that the road towards doing that every day at work, economically and environmentally responsible? Arriving go to work 4-6 hours akkumulátorainkat uploaded again, so we can go home again at full capacity.
Power boost
The electric assist does not take away from the experience of playing sports. We can discover a place where you have got to have their own efforts difficult.
Every need
Whether urban environment or difficult terrain, will surely find a suitable offer bicycles for the purpose.
Wide product range
Wide product range meets all customers’ needs, it might have a family rather then the adults are perfect for Ztech scooter bikes, perfect for children and relaxation in a smaller scooters as well.
Low demand service
An electric motorcycle service is minimal compared to a conventional combustion engine mate.

Our warehouse

We offer year-round, multi-thousand pieces inventory.